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About Awareinfo


The website 'awareinfo.org' mainly focuses online community of internet users. Creating awareness on environment to the online users is the principle objective of this site.

Global warming is the biggest threat to our world today. It results in environmental issues that are like cancer in human beings.The aftermath of today's global warming, if not given due attention locally and globally, would harshly affect the young generation and generations to come and they won’t find the earth a better place to live.

The Action Window for Awareness-Research-Environment (aware) aimed at creating awareness among the people and cultivating active involvement in the protection of the environment. As a first step, aware targets the online internet users for this deliberation. As the number of on line users is escalating very rapidly day by day it will be a suitable means for reaching the message. Online users through the social net working, they contact and communicate with individuals, friends, relatives, lovers etc. There are varieties of awareness photos, awareness slogans, awareness comments and awareness greetings in the website that can be downloaded and sent to whom they want. From teenage to old age people are regular members of various social networks, who are spending hours just for enjoyment or pleasure sake. We request you all please to find sometime for using this site. Please send these photos, slogans, comments to your friends, relatives, lovers and ask them to resend or forward to their friends, relatives, lovers etc. Let's all make a new network for protecting our environment and thereby save our mother earth.


Water Pollution

Creating awareness and working to save the earth from the major ecological threat


Air Pollution

Saving the air, without which we can survive a couple of mts


Sound Pollution

Another man made pollution on the activity of human or animal life


Marine Environment

Sharing Awareness on saving the 2/3 of Earth we see


Plastic waste Management

Creating Awareness on saving the earth from plastic dumping