Starting with what is general and what everyone knows about nature will facilitate further reading. But nature cannot be summed up in one word. In many interpretations, “nature” refers to the miracle of physical world. Nature is a place where a lot of things interact each other. Everything is intertwined. It is the state in which one does not exist and the other does not. This interconnected design is known as the ecosystem. Just take a look at what is attached to nature. Nature comprises living beings such as animals, birds, plants, human beings, natural resources, rocks, forest, beaches,…It’s man’s duty to protect all this and to preserve it for our survival and future. Because what sets man apart from others is his ability to think. It has thoughts for good and thoughts for evil. Man’s cruel interventions are destroying resources that are equally important to man and other natural resources.

    Pollution is a human act that has the power to destroy the whole of nature. Pollution itself comes in many forms. These are just a few of them; Air pollution, atmospheric pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, smog, acid rain. It can cause many kinds of disasters like global warming, soil erosion, wildfire, ozone depletion, Environment degradation,… For human beings, the root of all this can cause severe diseases such as asthma attacks, allergies, vision problems, lung or skin cancers.

    In addition, it can significantly affect our clouds and weather patterns. How does atmospheric pollution influence clouds?  In the case of deep convective clouds and the tall clouds like thunderclouds are formed by rising warm air. Scientific study makes it clear to us that toxic air impairs the growth of such clouds. If the pollution is not heavy it will energize their growth. The microscopic components in the earth’s atmosphere are collectively referred to as aerosols. Also they found that how different aerosols affect the talent of clouds to grow. Without contact with the aerosol particle, the water vapor in the air will not condense into liquid water and ice easily. Not only that clouds cannot form without some aerosols. Smoke particles absorb heat radiation emitted by the ground thereby increases temperature that warm the air. The ground needs to be warmer and the air cooler for the clouds to form. As the volume between the ground and air decreases, the smoke suppresses the growth and formation of the cloud.

   What is weather? In a nutshell, the weather is short term and the rapidly changing state of atmosphere in one area at a particular time. Weather pattern is what, it occurs when the weather stays constant for days, weeks at a time. We know very simply that consuming of plastic, electrical appliances (containing Chloro Fluoro Carbon), and excessive use of motor vehicles (release carbon monoxide) can cause cracks in the ozone layer and significantly reduce the amount of rain, heat and sunlight which needs to sustain life and to also required for photosynthesis.