If anyone asks us what’s the secret of our being so energetic, we can say without a doubt that it is tasty food! Food plays a huge role in keeping everything alive and moving forward. The root cause of the food we enjoy is the quality of the soil. It is as true as day that soil is the main source of our food production. Soil provides the necessary amount of nutrients to improve our health through food.

   Is it true that soil plays a vital role in the existence of human life? This statement is absolutely true. But soil is an indispensable element in the life of man. Soil plays an important role in filtering water that maintains the balance of human life, supplying delicious food to the hungry and exposing us to pathogen exposure. On average, 78% of the calories we consume directly from the soil. The remaining 28% is either directly or indirectly through the soil. It is also a major source of nutrients. The role of soil in quality food production and food security is indefinable. How is that? It includes the production of inadequate amount of food, sufficient nutrient content in the food products, and eliminates harmful toxins from the diet for health. Atoms in the human body are made up of 11 elements. The exact figures of such elements have not been accepted or clearly identified by Universal Health Experts. Of the approximately 28 elements that humans need, 18 are either essential are useful for plants. It is derived from the soil, but most of the time the plants are extracted directly from the soil. After all, we eat plant based foods. Birds and animals rely on plants that feed directly on the soil, rather indirectly, like humans.

In any case, it is only natural that it should turn around and reach the human being.

  So when the cycle of time turns and turns, the soil contamination that man inflicts on the soil poses a threat to the survival of all living things on earth. Why does man not think that it significantly affects his own existence? Why not use that ability to think rationally here? There is only one answer to everything, the selfish mind of man. Let’s take a look at some aspects of soil contamination. Few people are more familiar with the term soil pollution, rather than the soil contamination. It is a part of land degradation. It is mainly caused by the presence of Xenobiotics (human-made) chemicals or other materials in the natural soil environment. Man-made Xenobiotics can sometimes be chemical fertilizers and the most destructive plastics in the soil that can be inactivated. Such a heinous act of man destroys the earthworm, the friend of the farmer. This significantly reduces the amount of nutrients that need to reach the human body. It is the most important thing in soil it can enhance soil nutrient cycling through the rapid incorporation of detritus into mineral soils. As man destroys farms and builds factories, the chemicals it emits adversely affect soil fertility. Chemicals caused by the burning of plastics also significantly affect the soil. All this greatly affects the survival of agriculture and toxins enter our bodies through the food we got from agriculture and make us morbid. This points not only to the destruction of humans, but also to the destructions of all living beings, natural sources and thus the entire ecosystem.