Did you know that while television or a radio tower emits sporadic and weak 10 MHz radiofrequency, a mobile tower with CDMA technology can emit 869-894 MHz and the one with GSM 900 and GSM 1800 technology will emit in the range 935-960 MHz and 1810-1880 MHz respectively? The radiation is strongest near the tower.

Our world is home to 9000 to 10,000 different species of birds and though the mobile towers pose a threat to all life forms, birds are the most in danger from the ever-increasing mobile phone towers that emit dangerous electromagnetic waves so strong that it had caused the bird population to decrease significantly. Bird density has reduced over the last decade all across the world. In the UK alone, the Sparrow population has reduced from 24 million to 14 million in a period of three decades and 75% of this decline coincided with mobile phone technology rollout in the 1994-2002 period. In Spain, between 1994 and 2007 alone, three out of the 14 bird species have disappeared, and four species have shown a dangerous decline. It is to be surmised that in cities, the bird population has reduced significantly. Also, the productivity of birds has reduced in areas where the nesting is closer to the towers than the ones that nest in regions far away from these towers. It has been observed that continuous exposure to strong electromagnetic waves has caused bird plumage discoloration, abnormalities in embryos, increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, weakened immunity levels, low fertility rates, weak fledglings, etc.

Hundreds and thousands of mobile towers have cropped up in the last twenty years as everyone in a family today has a mobile phone and the need for 4G and 5G technology with high-speed connectivity means that many more will mushroom in the following years. Unless we find a sustainable option to feed both our technological ambitions and protect our biodiversity, the earth will soon be a bird-less concrete jungle.