Nature, it is a mirage! How many lives she holds in her lap is absolutely indescribable. The general fact is that it is nature that sustains the particle of life on earth, the mother of all things. The role played by nature in carrying on a prosperous life is not trivial. But in this interconnected ecosystem, if one element deviates, a total imbalance occurs in nature. It is painful annoyance because many epidemics like Flood, Hurricane, Wildfire, and Tornado are raining down on nature as a result of cruel actions and tears of the earth.

Let’s look at some of the facts about the wildlife that involve around a riddle.

   Wildfire is an unwanted wild land fire. They are ignited by lighting. When lightning strikes, the resulting fire can ignite a tree or another fuel force. Wildfires do not only destroy acres of land, moreover, houses and cloaked cities are destroyed. Wildlife is a phenomenon that occurs unplanned and uncontrolled in natural areas such as forest and grassland. In some aspects, these are necessary. Wildfire is essential for the sustainability of the ecosystem. In addition to removing heavy brushes and unwanted weeds in the forest, wildfires thin out the green carpet of the nature but pave the way for enough sunlight to reach the earth. This caused new shrubs, herbs and other types of plants to sprout. Once the wildfire arrives, the new land that wakes up after it provides food and shelter for all living things. Naturally, this will adversely affect nature! As the quality of understory brush decreases, the ability of the soil in the ground to absorb water is lost. Then flooding also occurs. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that cause later climate change spread in the atmosphere due to the origin of wildfire. 

   Wildfire has the ability to create their own weather. Wildfire can also create lightning. How can that be? It can be detect. It starts from heat and fumes above the fire rising high into the atmosphere. There it mixes with cool air to form cloud condensation. It sometimes creates a full blown thunderstorm and it is scientifically known as pyrocumulonimbus. The Pine Gulch Fire, which was a form of wildfire that originated in Mesa Country, Colorado in the United States and Garfield Country, has been regularly creating this. Its appearance is as a billowing dark-brown plume of fume has been rising above the flames, that cloud is slowly becoming more and more white and puffy, like Himalayan ice cubes. Wildfire creates thunderstorms after such a long phenomenon.

   The growth of vegetative green carpets in California is the result of spring rainstorms. This paves the way for the creation of fuel for wildfires. And then the continuous heating and low humidity makes plants dry and brittle. Humid air facilitates thunderstorms. Dry air causes rain to evaporate before arriving the ground soil in a phenomenon which is called virga. Lightning from these heavy storms also create wildfires.